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Hey Allison,
I really enjoyed this post! I also purchased the 2B Mindset back in May. I was always into working out at home, so I've done many of the Beachbody workouts. After having my third child last November (ahhh, she is almost a year old already!) I was finding NO TIME to do any workouts (she is a horrible sleeper, but that's a story for another day). I like that they say "exercise is extra credit". I love your honesty in this "review" of the program. I am like you, I have taken bits and pieces from it. I followed it pretty well in May, but then my in-laws from Brazil came to stay with us for 2 months in the summer. I still didn't eat so horribly, BUT I also wasn't as focused on the foods and prepping, because I was cooking for a larger amount of people, who need their rice and beans daily. Also, I couldn't give up some of the Brazilian sweets and fresh baked items that my mother in law would make. Life is just too short! After reading this, I am motivated to get back to the parts of this program that I actually enjoyed following, and made me just feel BETTER. 🙂

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