So, what’s the point?

Most people like to talk about things they like. I am no exception. Get me started in a conversation on food, books, movies, or theology, and I can go for quite awhile. I’ve often said I would love to be a food critic but I don’t have the qualifications. A few weeks ago, I searched the internet for some good restaurants in the Fort Worth area and came upon the world of food blogs. What a concept! There are people out there talking about their experiences at restaurants and with different kind of food, and there are no qualifications necessary! I thought to myself, “How much fun would that be?” and then I thought, “Why haven’t I thought of this before?”

So there you have it. My belated stroke of genius? Start a blog where I can talk about my favorite things, uninterrupted, as much as I want! Maybe I’m a little late to the blogosphere, but better late than never, right? Posted here, for my entertainment, are some bits and blurbs about those things I most enjoy talking about it. Read on if you like, and move on if you don’t. If you’re really impressed or entertained, or would like to argue with me, please comment. That’s what makes this whole blogging thing fun, right? Right!

A note on organization: I’m tacking a label onto each post that will tell you if it is about books, food, movies, theology, or any other topic that I have failed to remember here. Feel free to only read those posts that might interest you. I will not be offended!