Butterflies are beautiful creatures with humble beginnings. They start out as grubby little caterpillars, chained to the earth but destined to fly. In many ways, we are like butterflies. It may seem that we are grounded by our inadequacies, our failures, our missed opportunities, and our circumstances. But failure is only a step in the journey.

Sometimes darkness swallows us before our transformation sets us free.

I dream of writing words and sending them out into the world to make it a better, more beautiful place. I don’t believe in keeping my dreams to myself. I want to take others with me. If you dream of writing, or have done some writing but need help making it better, more concise, and more beautiful, I’d love to help you out. Here are some of the services I offer:


Like my style?
I love to share ideas and create excellent content.
Contact me and let’s see what I can do for you.

Some of my strengths include:
Passion for writing and sharing stories
Research and writing on a variety of subjects
Degrees in history and library science
Ability to work within deadlines

Starting at $75 per 500 words


Have you written a book?
Would you like honest, gently worded feedback on the content, pacing, and writing style?
Are you tired of asking friends and waiting weeks for a response?
I will read and critique up to 50,000 words in one week

Starting at $97
(Dependent on scheduling and availability)


Do you make typos? (Nearly everyone does)
Are you less than confident about your grammatical abilities?
Do you need someone to check your writing for errors?

If you write words that other people read, you could probably benefit from a proofreader
I can find and fix typographical and grammatical issues and provide clean copy

Starting at $15/hour
Estimates available


If you need more help than fixing errors, you need an editor

Editing service includes:
Improving clarity, grammar, and sentence structure
Checking facts and citations
Making suggestions about the structure and pacing
Adjusting formatting if necessary

Starting at $25 per hour
Estimates available


Are you working on a project that requires in-depth research?
Don’t have time to do it all yourself? Not sure how to find good sources?
I can help. I have degrees in history and library science,
and I can find and summarize facts in a variety of subjects.
Let me help you with your next project.

Starting at $20 per hour


If you skipped writing research papers in high school,
didn’t pay attention in English,
or just need some tips for writing better papers,
I’d like to help.

I will not write papers or do research for you,
but I will help you find good sources and organize them into a paper.
I have developed an effective system for writing research papers and I can teach it to you.

$15 per hour