On October’s Challenge

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Can you guess what excites me most about October’s challenge?

If you said, “The fact that September’s challenge is almost over,” you’d be right!

I have HATED running! But I’ve stuck with it, and I think I’m a little better at it than I was a month ago. And I’m a little skinnier, too. My co-workers think I’m on a diet, which is hilarious. So far I’ve managed to run about 2 miles without stopping to walk. We’ll see what happens at the 5K I’m supposed to run next week. I’ll probably send an update about that to my email list, so subscribe if you haven’t yet!

Meanwhile, October starts on Monday, if you can believe that. So, without further ado, here is October’s challenge:

Ok, depending where you are in your fitness journey, you might look at that and think it sounds hard, or you might think “it’s a piece of cake and I’d like an actual piece of cake with it, please.” As usual, I let you pick your level, so if you’re more advanced and want to double or even triple the daily workouts, great. If you’re a total beginner and are capable of doing even one squat or lunge, great! If you need a little help with the “how to” of doing these moves, my new buddy Jared at Tone & Tighten has some great videos and instructions for the challenge here. I emailed him to ask about using this challenge and he has been so nice! He even gave me a free 5K training plan and some running stretches. As a bonus, if you check out the products and resources he has available at toneandtightenstore.com, you can get a 50% discount with the code ALLIE30DAY.

This is definitely my favorite kind of exercise challenge. I love squats. They are absolutely my favorite move. Lunges are one of my least favorite, so I especially love the fact that it breaks the moves up into two days. That way, it’s less monotonous than doing the same thing every day, and we only have to do lunges every other day. Also… THERE ARE REST DAYS! I love rest days. I will post daily assignments in my Facebook group, Allie’s 30 Day Challenge, so be sure and join if you haven’t already!

As I mentioned above, I am NOT on a diet. I HATE diets and I refuse to do them. I have subscribed to an “eating plan” that some people might call a diet, but it really just focuses on drinking more water, eating more vegetables, eating less sugar, and avoiding carbs at dinner. I also take a few supplements, like a multivitamin and fish oil. I would love to fully fuel my body with just my diet, and I believe that is possible without adding pills or powders, but I also don’t think those things are harmful in moderation. A year or so ago, I increased my workout load and found that I needed a little extra power to get through it, so I started using protein powder and BCAAs. That really helped out with my energy level, endurance, and muscle recovery (think harder workouts with less soreness the next day – WIN!). If you’re interested in the products I use, there is more info here: idealfit.com. Although I am not an IdealFit affiliate (yet!), this is a referral link, so if you use it you’ll get a discount and I should get a bonus, too.

If you have any questions or concerns about this challenge, you can leave a comment or contact me directly. Let’s rock October!

This post contains affiliate links. If you follow the links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. All opinions are my own.



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