On My Best Friend’s Book

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If by some chance you’ve had your head under a rock and didn’t realize it, Inseparable by Ashley Linne released this week. Ashley has been my BFF since before that was a thing. We met in first grade and have been best friends ever since. We were even roommates for a year in college, before I ditched her to get married. Over the years we’ve had ups and downs and disagreements, like friends do, but if I’m being perfectly honest I have to admit that the vast majority of those were my fault. But the beauty of this friendship that has lasted for over twenty-five years (Crazy!) is that it is based on the fact that we both have very deep beliefs about God and His word that are very similar. And because of that, I can wholeheartedly endorse this book that she has written. In fact, as I read through it I kept thinking, wow, that’s exactly how I would have said that.

In college, Ashley and I shared a mentor who took us through a study on our identity in Christ. I know that made a profound impact on both of us. Based on concepts found in the book of Romans, Inseparable really dives into the truth of who God has declared his children to be. Walking the path of the Christian life from the moment of being made right in Christ through eternity, Ashley draws on her experience in studying theology (she has a Bachelor’s degree in Religion and has master’s level work on the subject) and her studies in human behavior (her Master’s degree is in Family Life Education), as well as her deeply personal struggles with questioning God’s love for her, to craft a book that is deeply theological, very practical, and intensely emotional. She doesn’t pull punches, and she doesn’t hide her pain. If you embark on this study with her, you will find much more than a “how to” manual on the Christian life. You will look deep into God’s truth and contemplate what it means in your own life. You might even find yourself changed by the experience.

This is an undeniably girly book. From the purple cover to the butterflies that adorn every page, the language, and the approach, it definitely fits the “by women, for women” image of the InScribed Studies. But it does contain scriptural truth that is applicable for everyone, and I’d guess that any brave guys out there who can get past the girly presentation would be encouraged by the message, as well. I like how the InScribed books are put together (I also have Dive Deeper by Jenifer Jernigan), with the end flaps that conveniently help keep your place, and the personal notes written on the front flap. Ashley is not only an author in the series, but she had a pivotal role in bringing it all together, and I couldn’t be more proud of all that she has accomplished. Definitely check out this study, for yourself or a woman in your life. You’ll be glad you did.

Keep up with Ashley by following her blog: ashleylinne.com



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