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I love Twitter but I go through phases – sometimes I use it lots, sometimes just for links. I like to tweet people's posts that I've enjoyed.

And don't get me started on FB – I hate it too, but my hatred *is* rational! 🙂

I like Twitter. It suits me well, because I can ask and answer questions, help people with advice, share writing technique, talk shop with other authors, reply to fans, and more – and it only takes a few seconds.
Unlike other social networks, Twitter is easy to use and doesn't distract me with invitations to play computer games and such.
Twitter helps me sell my books. It's the best promotional tool for me. But then, I'm not automating my Twitter or posting constant "Buy my wonderful book!!!" promos. Instead, I'm real and I interact with people. This strategy works.
I believe I have one of the best Twitter platforms any writer has, with 49,000+ followers, most of them engaged and real.
Twitter is also great for honing dialogue writing skills, creating pithy one-liners. 🙂

Sounds like you like Twitter for many of the same reasons I do, and you are using it well! 🙂

Haha I sooo feel the same way about auto DM's and the people who just tag bunches of people… all day long!

And really interested that a) you are a Kiwi and b) you are a writer!! I will check out #writersroad – what is the main juice of the conversation? Writing in general?

Well, I am not a Kiwi…although I've always wanted to visit! Not sure how I gave that impression. However, I am a writer. WritersRoad covers all sorts of writing topics including craft, marketing, publishing, trends, etc. Most of the usual participants are either indie published or still hoping to be published. Some, like me, have yet to finish and polish a full manuscript.

Interesting… all your 3 cardinal rules were just banned on our #WritersRoad chat. You're in the majority. Unfollow abusers as well.

I've kept my FB account as my personal social media tool. I actually "know" my FB friends personally.

I strictly use my Twitter account for my writing tribe. I only follow agents, editors and writers/authors (who don't spam me with their promotions). It's how I've found amazing blog posts about the craft and nuances of writing, and how I came to learn the differences between self/indie/traditional publishing. Am not sure how I would have amassed this knowledge in my pre-twitter days.

Very nice to meet you on Twitter and I guess I'm now your 4th blog follower. 🙂

I've enjoyed "meeting" you as well! Thanks for checking out the blog. 🙂

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